A noticeable change in TOEFL IBT Speaking

Does anybody know about this change?

ETS has made some changes in the question format for the independent speaking task (the first two questions).

Now, students may have to answer a question that ask them to make a preference between 3 choices and give reasons for their preference. In most cases the question asks about negative opinion.

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Are sure about it? I have talked to one of my friend who has just taken toefl , she didnet mentioned anything.

Oh, I thought I opened this topic in the speaking section :frowning: Please, help to move it …

Not sure, Gyna. I read this information in facebook. There is a speacial TOEFL group. However, when I clicked the link there wasn’t any explanation. That’s why I decided to ask here. When did you friend take the exam? The message was dated to July.

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Hi Remula,
I took IBT on augest 28 and the independentspeaking question was as usual samples; I mean you should make preference between TWO choices. Dont be worry about it…!


Thanks, Gyna