a new sweet member

hello every body;
I’m “golden faith” ,a new member
a dear friend has given me the link , I liked the site than I signed in .
I wanna learn english with you.


i wish you can get benefit from this site and learn English with us

am Eriku glad to hear 4m u

am Eriku glad to hear 4m u

hello friend i am new too.i also want to learn english with u all.please be continue on this forum and share ur problem as well as i.i have problem in speaking english…

Welcome “Golden Faith”, and I’d like to introduce my self for you…
My name is Ehab and I’m 21 years old, I live in Syria and I think that you live in Saudi Arabia, I’d like to visit this country and walk around “Caaba” in “Mecca” the town of the prophet “Muhammad Bin Abdullah”.

I hope to be friends to share information on-line and enjoy the benefits of English.

Any way, you’re welcome and we are very excited to help you to learn English, right people?

your friend…

hi eriku …please tell me why have u posted only photos.but photos are nice.

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could u come here and continue.

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hello my friend !

I am delighted hearing that u are member of this site
really this forum is the best way to improve our english.

I hope you enjoy

I’m thankful for u
I will really enjoy,if Allah wills

hello Karim for u are happy? yes i agree with u is the best way to improve English.but how…coz no body has any question…

Hello Karim,
Are you happy? Yes, I agree with you that this is the best way to improve our English, but how? Because nobody has any questions.

Comparing both posts might help you improve your English - and no questions necessary :slight_smile:

Hello Golden faith and all members of this forum!
I wish you good luck and hope you and me alongside others proivde a condition where to enjoy our learning process.
You have chosen an interesting name for your id.
By the way I would be fascinated if you share your ideas regarding my question in this forum
english-test.net/forum/ftopi … _the_world
waiting to hear from all of you.

my name is shahab, i really would like to boost my english, because i love it, please assist me
thanks a lot

i have written to request you to write to me again corncerning the text you have sent to me secondly my leaning mate may i know you and from which country me am writting 4m southern sudan. lets put more effort on our studies how ever me some times am having pc pro

my name is shahab. i dont know what you mean. i really would like to learn english, due to i love it, please introduce yourself, i like to know you
my email is : shahablpr@yahoo.com
good luck