A new member: I'm Ltdh. I'm Vietnammisse...

Hi everybody, I’m LTDH. I’m Vietnammisse. I like learning English. My English is very bad, i hope that is improve quality for this cour.

Hi every body, I would like to thank more those who explore this new learning method, after that my Name Siciid Ducaale who live and work where killing, kidnapping, ignorance, rape and many others became party of the community life, every body knows and foolish can’t be told My country is Somali, as you see my language broken and poor.

After that, who could urge to tell me the easiest way that I can learn this English Language?

Thanks all of you by

Hello Siciid,

Welcome to our forum and many thanks for your introduction. Where in Somalia do you live and how did you learn English?
Best regards,

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