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Pets should be treated like family members.
Do you agree or disagree with this statement? Give reasons to support your opinion.

I’m Hiep, a new member from a non-speaking English country-Vietnam. I need helps from everyone who is interested in my essay.

Have you ever considered your pets as an important part of your family? Some people just only consider pets are animals, while others respect the presence of pets in their family and treat them as their family members. As far as I am concerned, pets should be treated and cherished like a family member despite the fact that they are not human beings. My points of view will be elaborated and exemplified below.

First and foremost, pets are like your companions. Pets like dogs or cats in our families are our confidants although they are animals and they cannot talk and express their feelings like human being. Imagine every time you come back home after a stressful day at your office, your dog always greets you up whenever he or she realize your voice. It would be great when you can play with him, embrace or pamper him like your children or siblings. You also can find it easier to relive stress since every time you play with your pets, you can balance your mind and relax better. Even though your pets cannot hear and talk to you, you can still pour out their inner feelings with them like when you are opening your heart to your best friends, and sometimes looking at their innocent faces, you can feel rested in your mind.

Second, pets sometimes play as a protector of our family members. People love pets because they are very sensitive and loyal. Moreover, pets like dog prove to be great allegiant. Realizing this excellent characteristic, many people use dogs in their explorations and works and a lot of whom were saved or protected by their close-knit dog. For example, in the past, people used to use dog to find and catch animals like rabbits or birds in order to survive. Dogs also protected them from dangerous animals like snakes, hyena or even lions, leaded them through a forest or found the way to their home when they lost their directions. Today, dogs play a role like baby-sisters or house-keepers to our families.

Last but not least, pets also play as a brother or sister to our children. Children are very fond of playing with pets like dogs and cats. They often consider their dogs and cats like your siblings and treat them fairly. Sometimes, little child can be more excited when playing with his dog. Every time he falls, his dog encourages him to try again. Every time he cries, his dog cheers him up. Our kids seem more active and more mature day-by-day when they have an animal-brother or sister to take care and play with them. Our pets are also people who bring our family members together when all of us want to spend time taking care of them. They also teach us, especially our kids important life lessons which is how to be responsible for something.

In summary, albeit pets like dogs and cats are animals, they should be loved and pampered like a real family members. They would be a companion, a guardian, or a brother or sister in our family, and we have to admit the fact that they are very lovable and respectable, too.

TOEFL listening lectures: What is the main difference between a fad and a trend?

Advanced in transportation and communication like the airplane and the telephone have changed the way that nations interact with each other in a global society. Choose another technological innovation that you think is important. Give specific reasons for your choice.

If we have to list the ten most advanced innovations human being has achieved through our history of civilization, computers are an indispensable part. Thanks to the development and prevalence of computers, human being has been enjoying a vast number of benefits they brings to us throughout our evolution and globalization.

First and foremost, computers have been fostering our industrialization. In the past, people had to work long hours on long production lines in industries. They often came home exhausted and stressful. However, nowadays, people no longer have to work in this situation but can use computers that control these production lines in the industries. In other words, computer are handling the role of human being in order to tackle the most hazardous and hard works in the industries. Computer can control the machine very precisely and can work without fatigue. The productivity, therefore, is increased significantly. As a consequent, our industrialization becomes easier for us to achieve.

Secondly, computers together with the Internet are boosting our world communication network. In the past, people used to use telephone, mail-letter as the mean of communications, but today, everything seems easier to people when they can stay at home, use their computers connected to the Internet to chat or even talk to their friends when they are far away from home. For example, I often use my computer connected to the Internet to chat with my brother in Ireland through the Skype. It is actually very convenient when I can hear and talk to him or even see him online very easily. Besides, people nowadays can also use email instead of conventional letter-mail to keep contact with each others or do their businesses. Just by clicking the mouse after composing their mails, the receivers can read and reply their mail immediately. The distant no longer is the big problem to us when we want to communicate with other people around the world by using computers.

Last but not least, the invention of computers has been helping us in our discovery the Earth and the Universe. Computers are an indispensable part in many study fields of human being such as meteorology, topography, astronomy, and so on. Thanks to the power of computers, people nowadays can predict the weather all over the world precisely, helping them in agriculture and other businesses considerably. Furthermore, people are getting more knowledge about the inner and outer of the Earth thanks to the assistance of computers in topography and cartography. No longer be satisfied by discovering our Earth, people today want to spread their hands to explore the massive Universe, especially our solar Planet. Using powerful computers and other innovative devices, people can measure the distant among planets, predict their orbit, or even explore their surfaces. A great deal of new knowledge and necessary data about the Universe has been accumulating by using computers in recent years.

In summary, although there are still many innovative technologies that very important to human being, computers still play a crucial role in our development and evolution. Human wants to take advantage of computers and continually develop them in the future.

Do you prefer large university or small university? Use specific reasons and examples to support your answer.


Every year, a great number of high school students around the world have to consider between attending in a large university or a small one before they apply to the university that is suitable to them. The prevalent question rising in their mind is should they attend in a big university or a small one. Still they have to consider the advantages and disadvantages of each one. As far as I am concerned, the advantages of studying at a large university more outweigh those of small one. My points of view will be elaborated and exemplified below.

First and foremost, studying in a big university, students can acquire a diverse and wide knowledge. Not only do they can work with the most eminent and profound professors, but they also can study and cooperate with the most talented students from various countries around the world who have the same target and interest to them. It would be a very great benefit to them when everyday studying in classrooms or working in the laboratories, they can gradually gain knowledge and experience from their mentors and friends. By taking advantage of this environment, he or she will have the motivation to study harder and harder with the hope of excelling other students and achieving their goals.

Second, larger university means more modern facilities and equipments as well as better infrastructure. In general, the big universities around the world often attract a great deal of budget from many corporations, companies and entrepreneurs. These sponsors are very interested in some majors of the universities and want to invest more money in order to harvest great benefits through their recruitment campaign as well as their finding the most talented students. In return, the students of these universities can enjoy the up-to-date facilities and equipments that support to their studies and researches. For example, there will be more classrooms with modern projectors, more labs with upgraded computers and devices, more libraries with fastest computers and a bulk of books.

Last but not least, big universities are willing to grant and patronize the gifted and talented students. The fact that there are a vast number of outstanding students all over the world applying to large universities in the developed countries like the US or UK each year is undeniable. These students have a common goal that is receiving the full or at least part of the scholarship in order to decrease their pressure of finance when studying at universities needs a lot of money. This tendency is understandable when the large and prestige universities are willing to grant and invest a great deal of money with the aim of attracting as much talented students as possible. By doing this way, these universities can find their own suitable students for their researches and enhance their well-known positions or rankings; the students also get their benefit that is a great deal of scholarship to cover their tuition and expenses.

In summary, the benefits of studying at large universities are various. Students from all over the world can take advantage of this if they are talented and dedicated to study.

Plants can provide food, shelter, clothing, or medicine. What is one kind of plant that is important to you or the people in your country? Use specific reasons and details to explain your choice.

There are a vast numbers of plants around us that bring us a various advantages such as food, materials, or herbals. However, in my opinion, bamboo is the most familiar plant to people in my country. During the long Vietnamese history, Vietnamese people used bamboo in many purposes such as materials, weapon, and so on. I can say that bamboo has become the symbol plant of Vietnam.

First, bamboo was attached to the long Vietnamese history, especially in the Vietnam War periods. It was planted around Vietnamese villages in order to make a great range of ramparts or fortifications. It means Vietnamese people could take advantages of bamboo as a useful natural defense to protect them from lethal weapons and enemy. Bamboo also was used to make home-made weapon such as spike-trap, sticks, canes, and arrows. In a short time, a skilled peasant can make a dozen of arrows and spike because bamboo is very flexible and durable. Thanks to bamboo, Vietnamese people can protect themselves from the warlike enemies and fortify the sovereignty of my country.

Second, bamboo has been used to make a lot of handicraft. In fact, there are a hundred of traditional trade villages in Vietnam which are very famous in making different kinds of handicrafts and most of them are made by bamboo. For example, in my hometown, people use bamboo to make baskets and other necessary utensils which are very important tools in Vietnamese families. Those tools are used in kitchen to prepare and cook food, in dinning rooms as decorative things, AND IN BED ROOM AS BEDS. Furthermore, souvenirs made from bamboo are very beautiful and cheap that many foreigner people GOING to Vietnam CHOOSE IT AS a GIFT FOR THEIR RELATIONS.

Last but not least, bamboo is the main material to build house in Vietnamese village. Thanks to the flexibility and durability of bamboo, people in my country use them to build a lot of house. Bamboo materials are cheap and available EVERYWHERE so people used to use it as the main material to build things they want. In addition, the houses built by bamboo material are very suitable with the weather in Vietnam; they are often cool in the summer and warm in the winter. Besides, many restaurants are using bamboo to make them more unique and natural because when people look into the restaurant, they can have the feeling like they are at home or in the natural environment.

In summary, although there are still many useful plants around us, bamboo is still the most familiar and useful plant of people in my country. It is the Vietnamese symbol and will be the Vietnamese symbol forever.

People are living longer. Why?

People around the world seem to live longer and longer. Some RECENT researches DONE IN AMERICA STATE that an average PEOPLE WHO can live nearly 80 years ARE INCREASING GRADUALLY, and there are more and more centenarians around the world, especially in some villages of China AND JAPAN. THE QUESTION IS why people around the world can live longer than ever before. Maybe, there are a lot of factors contributing to this fact, but, in my opinion, people can live longer because of the following main reasons.

First and for most, nowadays people receive a better nutrition. IN FACT, THE NUMBERS OF COUNTRIES that have starvation, even IN developing countries AND THIRD-WORLD COUNTRIES, ARE DECREASING SIGNIFICANTLY. Almost all countries can produce their own FOOD or can import enough food for their citizens. Further more, people are going to explore more and more kinds of food over time. For example, besides the traditional foods, such as cereal, MEAT and milk, people are now investigating in eating some foods that are very rich in nutrition such as monkey brain. BY THIS WAY, PEOPLE ARE GRADUALLY DISCOVERING THE BEST FOOD THAT IS VERY IMPORTANT IN RAISING THEIR LIFE SPANS.

Second, the improvement of health care system contributes significantly to HUMAN’S health than ever before. In the past, we often HEARD that A GREAT NUMBERS OF babies AROUND THE WORLD died because of some diseases SUCH AS small pox, malaria and DIARRHEA. However, TODAY we all have VACCINES TO CURE RADICALLY these diseases. MOREOVER, in the past, we may heard that hundreds or even thousand of people died because of some deadly plagues, BUT NOW with the assistance of modern technology, we can prevent transmittable/INFECTIOUS diseases quite easily AND THOROUGHLY. In ADDITION, modern TECHNOLOGY are developing many advanced ways to cure diseases such as X-ray, surgery and CHEMOTHERAPY. It SEEMS TO ME that people can cure all diseases that we HAVE COPED with.

Last but not LEAST, nowadays, living condition is much better than ever before. There are more and more PLACES for people to do exercises, because governments HAVE BUILT more and more places such as gymnasiums, stadiums and sport clubs THAT FACILITATE PEOPLE TO PRACTICE AND STRENGTHEN THEIR HEALTH. So, people will have better living lifestyle by doing more exercises. Moreover, the hygiene CONDITIONS ARE better than those in the past. We can see that our restrooms today ARE very neat AND our roads are very clean. In addition, people now work in a good condition. Many people work in an office of a company, they do not have to contact too much with dust, perfume and fume.

All in all, I am glad to see that people today is receiving a good factors to live longer than ever before. Those include better nutrition, the improvement of health care system and the living conditions. I believe that all those things will be even more improved in the future, so people can POSSESS A BETTER LONGEVITY.

Why do you think some people are attracted to dangerous sports or others dangerous activities? Use specific reasons and answer to support your answer.


Doing something different is a new way that many people are craving for. With the support of modern technologies, their desire to experience new feeling by trying a dangerous sport or others hazardous activities is no longer far-away from their hands. The question is why there is an increasing number of people all over the world who get hook of trying those kinds of perilous and unsafe activities. As far as I am concerned, people want to try those things because of the following reasons.

First and foremost, doing new things that quite different to the ordinary activities they do everyday make people happy. Even though some dangerous sports such as sky-diving, climbing mountain, and so on are considered the last choices in the list of available sports of many people, there are still a lot of people attracted by these kinds of activities and they really want to try them once in their life time. This is not the rare trend nowadays, but the popular one. In addition, people participate/engage/take part in those activities because of not only these are their interests, but also these bring them the sense of satisfy and contentment.

Second, engaging in dangerous sport, they can experience new things that they have never had been before. Participating in adventurous club, learning a lot of skills, and preparing for their journal are some of a numbers of activities that they could do before trying hazardous activities. Moreover, going to a spectacular place to climb the mountain, participating in parachuting club, to name a few, are some vivid examples that they can gain a great deal of interesting experience. They also can foster their cross-cultural understanding by going to different regions with diverse culture for them to acquire.

Last but not least, by playing dangerous sports and other hazardous activities, they can find out their potential talent and other abilities that they have not known before they do it. There are still a lot of people who discover their unique ability by doing dangerous things. Let me take an example. My uncle, Ho, used to a person who scared to look down from a high altitude, but thanks to the training of Vietnamese military aviation, he became a great pilot of Vietnamese Air force. Furthermore, this is more meaningful to him because not only he can become a well-known and competent pilot, but he also can find out his true aptitude-flying in the sky.

In summary, the fact that many people are inclining to play dangerous sports or unsafe activities is undeniable. Doing these things makes them happy, brings them new experience and helps them find out their true talent. In my opinion, everyone can play dangerous sports if they desire to do that.

You have the opportunity to visit a foreign country for two weeks. Which country would you like to visit? Use specific reasons and details to explain your choice.

I have never been to any foreign country, but if I have a chance to go to a foreign country for two weeks I would choose China to come. There are a lot of reasons I choose to go to China, but the main reasons I want to mention are listed as follows.

First and foremost, China has the same culture and history as my country. My country, Vietnam, is located in the South of China, so it has the same border with China and the close relationship with China, too. In the past, Vietnamese people used to go to China and brought a great deal of cultures back to Vietnam. As a result, Vietnamese people gradually accepted those Chinese cultures as a part of their own cultures. Therefore, if I go to China, I will be familiar with the way people thinking and doing. When I go to visit some places, I can understand how they behave with each other, and everything will be easier for me because almost everything seems familiar to me. It also will foster my cross-cultural understanding significantly.

Second, China is a very large nation with so many beautiful places and historical monuments for me to discover. When I was a child, I used to watch a lot of Chinese movies that contain many spectacular and splendid places such as Great Wall, Purple Forbidden City, and so on. I wished I would have a chance to go to these places once in my life time. Hence, if I have an opportunity to go, it will make my dream come true. I will take a lot of pictures in order to keep the most memorable time I have and introduce it to my friends and my relations. And I sure that most of them will be interested in China and want to have a same journey to mine.

Last but not least, going to China, I can enjoy many delicious foods in here. Obviously, China has a long history of civilization and great cuisine culture. I can see that Chinese food are almost everywhere in the world. Moreover, people in China often cook the same food as people in my country by using the same gradients, spices, and recipes. It would be great if I can enjoy many different exotic meals during my short vacations while they are very familiar to my taste. There will not be anything like culture shock happening to me.

In summary, although there are many beautiful countries around the world I want to visit someday, I will still choose China to come if I have a chance to go there. Everything will be interesting and memorable for me when I can experience Chinese culture first-hands, go to wonderful places, and enjoy spicy Chinese foods.

I’m sorry for my over-excited way of posting my essays! Honestly, I’m not an excellent writer, but I’m very interested in writing. Furthermore, I’m preparing for my TOEFL exam next month. My test day will take place in September, 11th, 2010, “a should forget day” of the United States. Hope it will be a memorable day for me and other test takers around the world!
Anyway, please choose the essay you interested in and give me some precious advice. I will very appreciate it!

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