A new friend will move to your city. What do you like or dislike about your city

This essay is about Hanoi, where I am living. Please help me on this essay. Thanks in advance

A friend of mine will comeback to Hanoi after five year studying and working in Singapore. I think Hanoi will bring him a lot of interesting surprise because of the changes it has: Hanoi now has more skyscraper, restaurant, shopping center…,but still Hanoi will bring him uncomfortable feeling with its same old “disease”: traffic jam.

Hanoi, my city, now is very different from how it be years ago. Hanoi is still charming with its famous Old Quarter, but Hanoi also being full of skyscraper, making its appearance look as fashionable as any other developed cities. There are so many big shopping centers in Hanoi with expensive importing good that any foreigner will not find it is hard to buy anything they want here. Moreover, besides the traditional food, there a lot of foreigner foods serving in restaurant everywhere that will satisfy any visitor from all over the world. You can find a small world in Hanoi. I believe that these changes of Hanoi will attract any one, especially those being far away for a while, as my friend, making them experience from this surprise to another impression.

But Hanoi is still Hanoi, and still contains things unpleasant that you find in common with every big cities in the world: a crazy traffic. And among the cities that has bad traffic, it is sad to say that, Hanoi may be one of the worst. Along with it industrialization and modernization, Hanoi become more and more congested. Traffic jam is what happen every where, every day and to every one. Do not know if people are already get used with it, or they do not have any other choice, but in end of every working day, people still involved in the crowed flow in the roads, calmly or angrily, finding a way to get home. That is what, I consist, is the most terrible thing living in Hanoi.

In spite of some uncomfortable things, people still loves Hanoi, that every time they are away, Hanoi left there in their heart a missing part. The same to my friend, he definitely will like the new Hanoi, with its multiple culture and new appearance, although he will still dislike to wasting his time stucking in a traffic jam.

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