A member of the Earth can't use English well! Hic!

Good morning everybody! (I’ll like to say good morning to everyone whenever you read this message and whatever your real time is!)

I come from Vietnam. My first language, of course, is Vietnamese. And my second language is English. I truly hope my english will improve during the time I am a member of this forum! So I’ll like to make friends with everyone on this forum!

Good luck to you!

Good morning Discovery, I’m glad you have discovered us. Your English seems to be pretty good, when did you start learning it? How often do you use English?

Speak to you soon,

PS: I don’t really agree with the title of your post.[YSaerTTEW443543]

TOEIC listening, photographs: On parade[YSaerTTEW443543]

oh no ! I don’t think so ! I think you use english very fluently .Very nice to meet u ! I’m from vietnam too. We can help each other to improve our english -OK ^^

Hi vietnamese_rebel

Are you a university student at FTU? What are you majoring in? Can you tell us a little bit about FTU and Hanoi?

Do you enjoy being a moderator on the forum there? What do you discuss on that forum? What are the responsibilities of an FTU forum moderator?


I think you must have meant to write “you” when you wrote “u”. :wink:

why do you know I 'm a FTU’s student ? You are not a vietnamese ? And do we know each other?
About my school and Hanoi? OK !
My school is very famous in Vietnam - because not only its university enchance exam is very difficult but also its students can find the jobs easily after graduation . I think I’m very lucky to be able to study in this university !
And about Hanoi . Everyone knows it is the capital of Vietnam
Moreover it is very beatiful and peaceful .Someone call it " The green city " because there are many plants there .Hanoi 's people are very well-manered and polite …like me !!!
And about my forum ?
I’m the moderator of FTu’s forum - in this forum we discuss about many things as studying , sports , relax ,…We also have many activities as camping ,dancing .parties ,…And because I am a moderator ,I have to edit the posts of every body ,answer their questions , prepare for the activities ,develope the forum to be a meeting place of all the student in FTu

Hi vietnamese_rebel

Congratulations! It sounds like you’ve done well being accepted to FTU. I wish you all the best with your studies.

You’d already told us (in a different thread) that you’re from Hanoi and Google connects your Yahoo name to the FTU forum. :smiley: So, I assumed you must be a student at FTU. The university and your other forum seemed like interesting topics to talk about.

Since this is actually Discovery’s thread, why don’t you open a new one and tell us a little more about yourself?