A little story about shanty town - Part V

Favela – Part V

The Carnival is over. Visit to slum in the marvelous city of Rio de Janeiro

After the Sapucaí parades, Harrison Ford visit works in slums or shantytowns in Rio
Actor met Morar Carioca Verde project in Morro Chapéu Mangueira.
Buildings will use alternative materials and will house 117 families.

Chapéu Mangueira and Babilônia communities – Rio, Brazil

Photo: Pablo Jacob / O Globo Newspaper

After watching the parade of champions at the Marquês de Sapucaí, actor Harrison Ford made another script typical of foreign tourists vacationing in Rio de Janeiro: two communities met the South Zone of Rio de Janeiro on Sunday, February 17.

The American visited the works of the project Morar Carioca Verde, in the hills of Chapéu Mangueira and Babilônia in Leme. The Morar Carioca includes the construction of 117 housing units for resettlement of families who leave the areas of environmental conservation, which will be reforested.

Alternative materials
In the construction of the buildings will be used alternative materials, LED lighting, garbage collection, solar heating and reuse of rainwater.
The works of Morar Carioca are performed by the Department of Municipal Housing and were been budgeted at R$ 52.4 million. The project was awarded by the Caixa Econômica Federal, (one of the best-known federal public banks, facing social work and other government projects) during Rio +20, as the first public work in the country to use social and environmental criteria in the construction of a residential building.