A little guidence guys! I have to appear for TOEFL TEST (CBT) hopefully within...

I am new to this comunity and glad to see this much stuff, I have to appear for TOEFL TEST (CBT) hopefully within this month, I have seen alot of info about IBT but not much stuff on CBT, first of all I want to know about the sample papers that can help me about the structure of the test, and then some good book and softwares that can help me out, and what else should I do to do my best at test, I don’t want to go to some instituion to learn some english as I think I am good in it but power without skills is not much of worth, so kindly help me in this long way as I am going to do much of the stuff through this forum.
Thanks in advance :slight_smile:

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Hi, nice to meet you :slight_smile:

I can deduce from your nick name that you’re a programmer, aint you?

Tsk, tsk, tsk…

LS, not all slang is worthy of emulation, but if you do try to use words such as ain’t, you really need to make sure the register and context are right. :wink:

By the way, as a non-programmer, I would understand ‘cSharp’ as a possible reference to music. :smiley:

Hi, Amy

I made a mistake in usage of ain’t didn’t I? Could you, please, point it out?


Well, in the context of a forum for the TOEFL, and in the context of talking to someone you don’t know for the very first time, it would be more appropriate to use a higher (standard) register and grammatically correct English – in this case “aren’t you”.

In addition, the word ‘deduce’ is a word that you’re more likely to hear used in higher registers of speech. So, using deduce and ain’t in the same sentence also seems out of kilter.

Hi, Amy

Thank you for your suggestion :slight_smile:
PS: I didnt know that deduce is a high register word :slight_smile:

Hi cSharp,

Welcome to our forum and thanks for asking your questions. In addition to what Amy and LS have said, I suggest you go through some TOEFL prep books to get familiar with the structure of the TOEFL. You also might want to read “TOEFL Secrets”, an ebook that contains insider information on how maximize your TOEFL results. On top of that, it probably makes sense to learn how to use a spell checker.
Let me know what you think.

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Thanks Torsten, well I just got a book of barrons “HOW TO PREPARE FOR TOEFL” for CBT, it got cassettes instead of CD, and the problem is that I don’t have tape recorder to play it, is there any source availalbe from where I can get all the stuff, I mean the CD stuff so that I don’t have to rely on cassettes? and from where can I get that e-book? any source would be greatly appreciated…

Yes lost_soul I am programmer and going to transfer my credit hours to some American university and I definalty require 200+ score for CBT:?, not sure if am gonna make it, Also I don’t have much time :roll:, any suggestion for time TOEFL time schedualing? How much time I am suppose to give it inorder to cover all the things in one month?

Wow, thanks everyone. I didn’t get a chance to look back at the thread. I was going through some emails and found a message from this website. Actually I was able to get a really good score and get admission in US.

Thanks everyone.