A little divorsed


Please see below:

A- ’ You look a little divorsed.’

B- ‘What makes you think so?’

A- ‘The ring line on your finger has not faded.’

What is the meaning of [color=red]a little divorsed?
What is the [color=blue]ring line and how does it fade?


A little divorced – a jocular way of saying recently divorced. The pale band of skin where B’s wedding ring used to be has not yet tanned to the same shade as the rest of the finger. Fade here is perhaps confusingly used, as the band will gradually darken, not grow lighter.

Hi Tom,

This is a somewhat ironic way of saying you look as if you have been recently divorced (only a lttle while ago). If you wear a wedding ring on your finger,a part of your finger is covered up. When you take the wedding ring away the skin underneath will be a different colour or will show the imprint of the ring and after a period of time this ring line will disappear. The other person is deducing that the person has recently divorced because the ring line is still visible.