A-level prep-forum


What do you think about the idea of creating a prep-forum for those who are about to take the British A-level examination (to have in addition to the already existing forum for the American SATs)?

Hi Englishuser,

That’s an exciting idea. What exactly do you have in mind? If you like you can post an outline of the agenda, structure and contents of your new forum here so we know what you mean.

Many thanks,

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Hi Torsten,

To be honest with you, I don’t have a very clear plan concerning the new forum yet. I simply thought that it might be a good idea to have a forum for those who are about to take an A-level in English. Just like with the SAT, it would be a forum on an examination mostly for native speakers. And somehow I feel that it’d be nice to have a bit more of native speaker input here on the site. It’d be interesting to know what Alan thinks about my suggestion; as a Briton he probably knows more about the A-levels than the rest of us.

Hi Englishuser,

I am responding to your reply to Torsten:

Just a couple of points: I’m not quite sure what you mean when you say:

and the other point is that on the matter of A levels, I am out of touch. My firsthand connection with them was severed in 1993 when I retired as Vice Principal at a Further Education College where A levels were taught among the many vocational subjects. A levels do have still very much the flavour of high academic aspirations as I well remember being one of that cohort who were the first guinea pigs to take the exam in the UK. It is that which makes me hesitate to get involved in another forum on them. I feel that A levels don’t really sit easily or naturally in our forums because although there is among the contributors a strong desire (and in some cases this verges on the fanatical !) to seek out accurate and apposite answers, the emphasis is essentially on the practical. And I think therein lies the appeal. It certainly does for me.