'A kind request' in the email subject


I have recently come across the email with the following subject: ‘A kind request from Logos Trade’. Is it acceptable to use ‘kind request’ in the subject? Does it sound okay?


To me it sounds a bit odd and I think if I received an email with this subject line, it would raise my suspicions. "Why do they have to stress that their request is ‘kind’? What do they want from me? I think this may be ‘kind of fishy’ ".


Absolutely agree. Smells spammy.


Thanks a lot for the help!


They may want to enrich the request, they might have written like that, in India, we will not take it as wrong.


Could this be because English is not the native language of most Indians and because they are not aware of spam?


Or perhaps because India has such an ancient culture and one in which formal stratas of society such as castes played such an important role, that being extra polite and “enriching the request” is critical.


“How we say very thanks” like that “Kind request” it is my suggestion to my comments and I will have to say “Yes” to your opinion and suggestion since the English is your native language.


Just say ‘A request’, and that by itself is polite!
Yes, I’d say that the use of ‘kind’ is common among Indians and it is nothing but a display of officiousness.
I’ve seen usages like I kindly request you … or You are kindly requested …, which is just absurd and awkward.