A job with more vacation time is better than a job with high salary

Do you agree or disagree with the following statement? A job with more vacation time is better than a job with high salary but less vacation time

 When it come to the topic whether a job with more vacation time is better than a job with high salary but less vacation time, different aspects of viewpoints will be taken into account. Some people may hold the opinion that a high salary job can make sure high quality of life. However, others have a negative attitude. As for as I am concerned, I agree with this statement, that is, I think taking a job with more vacation can give us a better life.
 The main reason why I agree with the above is that a high salary job usually represents a stressful life. It is impossible that the boss give you such high salary to do nothing, people who get high salary have responsibility to achieve goals perfectly and on time. Although finishing a job perfectly could give us a sense of achievement, it is also lead us to live under huge pressures. "What if we cannot finish work on schedule?" “What if boss doesn't feel satisfied of what we did?" Such high pressure may cause physical or psychological diseases. For example, my uncle, John, a CEO of a finance company, he was too busy to have a meal when he started working, Unfortunately, the doctor diagnosed he get cancer of stomach last month Therefore, it is important to relax ourselves when we feel stressful.
 The season can be seen by every person that vacation is a good timing to improve family relationship. Parents can build up a good relationship with children if they spend spare time contacting to their children and understanding what they are thinking. For instance,  my mother always take every Sunday morning to chat with me in order to understand what happened to me last week, even though she is  a very  busy businesswoman. She is just like a good friend with whom I can share all my secrets. Hence, spending vacation with family could be a good way to concern your family.
 If all these situations have been considered, I think the advantages of taking a job with more vacation carry more weight than those of having a high salary job. From the mentioned factors above I may finally draw a conclusion that I prefer a job with more vacation.

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