To be a good leader demands on you following responsibilities:

For being a good leader it is very important be a well-educated pearson. But from another point I want to add that as we look back history we can see various leaders that they were not educated people, they had not graduated from any university but they were outstanding not in theirr countries but also in the worls such as Alexandre, Napaleon Sah Ismayil Xetai(from Azerbaijan)l, because thay had strong policy, rules, they could govern the country in true way.

Second - to have extend outlook. A good leader must possess large information about other countries’ historiis, people’s traditions, their life conditions. Also they must get familiar with other leaders’ politic ways, how they rule country? Do people respect them or not? Why? etc.

Third - to be very strict, cruel, and shoot. I remember XVI Ludoviq’s words " If a leader is not shoot he never can be a good leader". A good leader also must be demandfull. With his strict view he has to create fear on people. If a leader is not strict as Berluskoni, nobody will carry out his orders.

But most important is that a good leader must interest with people problems. He does not use this post for his own interests, he has to solve country’s, people’s problems such as reduction of food, water, bad results of earthquake.

Mostly I like a leader Ataturk. I read from history that he was a leader when Turkey was in desasterous situation. But he could manage all problems of the country. Now every turkey say that Ataturk has great labour on flourishing of Turkey.

In conclusion I want to say that if a prson follow these points that I followed above he can be not only good, but also unprecedented leader in the world according his policy.

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