A good CV example?

I’m looking through the Internet to find a good CV written in english and I’ve found one (I hope so), but tell me what do you think about this one.

here it is (the information is random):

Curriculum Vitae


name: Tom Jones
nationality: German
date of birth: 11 June 1973
address: Dursdorf
contact: email: aaabbbccc@aabb.com
phone +48 1111 2222 3333 fax: +48 666 567 432, mobile: +48 606 911 012

1999 - 2001 English school in London - language course
1995 1 year course in Economics at the Berlin Fachhochschule für Technik und Wirtschaft Berlin

1994 - 1999 MA in Economics, with a specialisation in International Trade at University of Warsaw (graduated with a first degree)

since October 2005 Marketing Consultant AAA Co.Ltd. Berlin
Responsibility for promotion campaign, liaison with agencies in designing advertising materials and media campaigns
March - December 2002 Sales Specialist for Access.com Ltd of Amrest Ltd -Pizza Hut and KFC
Responsibility for market research,analysis and trade nagotiations.
June - December 1998 Product Manager (Garnier and Vichy) for KOSMEOR Ltd. (branch of L’Oreal Paris);
market research, analysis of sales results, preparing sales projections, responsibility for drafting budgets;

Computer literate, adaptable, organised, quick learner, ability to work well under stress, good sense of humour.

German - native, English - fluent, Swedish - basic

This résumé isn’t particularly bad, but be aware that if you’re dealing with a US employer, it is not appropriate to list your age or date of birth (or your marital status, or anything about your family members). It’s also not really appropriate in the US to list your nationality, as long as you are legally able to work in the US.

American résumés also list volunteer work, if you have any. Sometimes we list hobbies and foreign travel.

I would leave out the part that says “personal qualities”, because it’s very easy for anyone to list complimentary adjectives about himself, and the employer will ignore this part anyway.

It’s not enough to say you are “computer literate”, because nowadays everyone is. You should have a section of the résumé devoted to “computer knowledge” and in there list the specific programs and tasks you are adept at.

It’s also a good idea to insert a short sentence or phrase under each employment position the explains what you learned or achieved at that job.

The résumé has to show something about who you are as an individual. You need very, very few words to communicate something unique about your positions and education, even though if you just made a simple list, these same things might sound very generic.

Here is a web page with many really excellent examples of different sorts of résumés.

thanks for help. I think I should modify it or look for another one on this website.

You should create a perfect CV before sending your resume to anyone. Go through Few CV Examples from few CV sites and prepare a perfect CV. Remember a CV always creates a first impression to the recruiters, make sure you create a best impression.

The best impression.

Thanks Mister Micawber.

What short of CV do u want, because if you are a fresher u will need different type of CV whereas if you are experienced please mention so that we can find an appropriate CV

Your resume is pretty good. I would also suggest to add a couple of words about your voluntary work and/or projects you’ve worked on. Any other social activity will be also well seen by an employer.

You have to also remember about visual quality of your resume. Well design gives an impression of well organized and hard-working employee. You can try to find a example on the internet.

Good luck!

I have gained much information at resumizer.com and you can build it there too for no cost. There are also templates and examples for cover letters and everything else.

similar is resumesimo.com , imho better.

The English is good but here are some of the things that can be improved:

  1. The heading of your resume/cv should never be ‘Curriculum Vitae’, ‘CV’ or ‘Resume’ but simply your name.
    Find out why this is important: cvplaza.com/cv-presentation- … g-examples

  2. Fax is very old-fashion and should be omitted from your CV

  3. The format for writing cv sections can be improved

  4. Best to remove DoB as well

These were just some tips to keep in mind when writing your Curriculum Vitae, for more check out: www.cvplaza.com :slight_smile: