A glimpse of the future?


We Germans used to be so proud of our cars but it seems the future belongs to vehicles like this fleet by Clevershuttle.


looks a bit like the old railway station


It’s the charging station of CleverShuttle Leipzig GmbH at the Leipzig railway station. CleverShuttle uses 100% vehicles made in Asia.


Do you know how much such a shuttle is?


It depends on a variety of factors such time and the number of clients sharing one ride but at any rate it’s way cheaper than a conventional taxi.


sorry, I did not mean the rent. I meant the costs of purchase.


You mean if you purchase a Nissan Leaf II for private use? Last time I checked it was about 30k Euro.


Thanks for telling the price. I checked the e-Golf by VW. it is 35.9k €. Basic equipment.


The e-Golf VW has been flogging a dead horse. Nobody takes this attempt at designing an EV seriously, not even Volkswagen themselves :wink: