A cordial hi to all members!

Hello dear members. I’m Asadul Islam from India. I’m an Advocate. Practising as a Trial Court Lawyer since 1980.
My mother tongue is not English. I’ve learnt English as Second Language. I’m quite fascinated by the niceties of this language. I’m particularly fond of classical English writings. Shakespeare and R. L. Stevenson are my favourites.
In my profession, as its the system in Indian Courts, we’ve to use English while conducting a case or drafting a pleading.
I’ve some proficiency in writing the English language flawlessly. In coloquial English I also fare well.
I’m here to learn from the esteemed members of this great Forum and to gain more knowledge of the great language.

Dear Asadul Islam,

Thank you so much for joining our forum and sharing your experiences with us. Please tell us more about your work as a trial court lawyer. What kind of cases do you take and who are your clients?

Talk to you soon,

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Since my school days I fascinated to become a Lawyer. My interest was grown after reading a fiction by one of the renowned novelist of Bengal. In that novel he narrated his life as the Clerk of the last English Barrister of Independant Indis, Mr. Barwell, who practised in Calcutta High Court. I was thrilled after reading it. Took the instant decision to become a lawyer.
Previously I was a shy person, eccentric and not so social, a self-conscious kind of boy. But after spending my 3 years in the Law College I was totally transformed. Amazing change took place in me. Young, smart, dynamic, energetic. Those three years of my life in Law College worked like miracle on me.
At the same time, its due to some of the greatest teachers with whom I came in contact during those days, I started liking Law as an academic subject too. And fascinated teaching to students, following the footsteps of my great teachers.
I started my practise as a Junior Lawyer in the local district Court. Privately coached students voluntarily. Never took any fees from the students for coaching them.
During my early days I accepted almost all cases, Civil, Criminal and others.
I joined the Bar on 18th July, 1980. Going to complete my 28 years of practice within a fortnight.
After few years I noticed that my trend is towards Civil cases is increasing. So I gradually shifted my field of practice towards Civil matters. Started appearing in cases involving land dispute, matrimonial cases, principal and agent, arbitration and partnership matters, not to mention about the vast field of Civil matters.
In my next post I’ll mention more about it.
Please let me know if you like my posting.
Thank you.