'A burden of one's own choice is not felt.' :)


Many (most?) men prefer to wear clothes with plenty of pockets. My husband definitely does.
His favourite trousers have (are of?) 12 (!) large and small pockets - and for each one he can find special small (or a little bigger :)) things to place! As if he were a soldier of special-purpose forces being ready - each moment of his life - to set out in a wilderness or jungle, without any delay.

When he turns all the pockets out, one can enjoy viewing an inspiring sight of the heap.
‘”I bring with me all my possession, I would need” – a snail’s standpoint!’ - that’s what I usually say (or just think :)) seeing it.

Not to mention his car… :slight_smile:

What about you? Do your prefer clothes with lots of pockets? carefully stuffing all of them? hopelessly losing things for a while in your own clothes?

Or – like me :slight_smile: – you prefer each time when you suddenly get needed a comb to buy a new one? Being far from home to grieve for your old-and-favourite pen you miss? …but left (lost :)) in some of your other handbags just yesterday? :slight_smile:


Hi Sister Tamara,

I prefer the trousers or clothes with a few pockets or quite a few pockets. I like keeping all the things I need with me. Though somtimes i misplaced it, after a while I will find it somewhere, still in one of my pockets. :lol:

Hi Rosalisa!
(What a nice-sounding name! By the way, in my language (Russian) both Rosa/Roza and Lisa/Liza are self-dependent names :slight_smile: )

Thank you for your response.
You point is good. The next, maybe, even more interesting question (than just ‘how many pockets do you prefer to have?’) is – …and what part of your pockets is (are? hmm…) normally in use? :slight_smile:

I myself also like to have clothes-with-pockets, but it’s not practical, but rather decorative. As a matter of fact, I usually have most of my pockets empty (in contrast to my husband’s ones :))
(Of course, this (the level of practicality, I mean) is not the only difference between us :slight_smile: )

Anyway, I have to admit that sometimes I prone to demonstrate much more practicality than I actually have. :slight_smile:


Hi Sister Tamara,

Thank you for your interest in my name and again for telling me the meaning of those names.

I prefer to have at least 4 pockets and I normally use the front/side pockets. I like putting things in my pockets rather keep them in my bags or something. They are usually in use. :smiley:

That’s really interesting about you. Hah, you like your pockets empty. And where do you often keep your possesions?

:smiley: Could you tell me what you mean by that? :smiley:

Hi Rosalisa! :slight_smile:

I certainly prefer to lose my posses[color=red]sion in (hand)bags and in car’s ‘gloveboxes’. Or simply leave it at home. :slight_smile:

I meant that I generally tend to behave, look and ‘ratiocinate’ :slight_smile: as being a VERY practical person. Sometimes :slight_smile:
But - actually - I’m not. :slight_smile:

For example, if you asked my colleagues they would (perhaps) said that I’m rather ‘rational’ and practical and don’t like to act emotionally.
But this would be only a part of the truth :slight_smile: The visible top of an iceberg :slight_smile:


Hi Sister Tamara :smiley: ,

Thanks for your correction (possession).

How interesting! So what do think you would like to be? :smiley:

Hi Rosalisa!

Thank you for such a philosophical question :slight_smile:
Yes, yes… as my ‘practicality’ is a bit of ‘compulsory choice’, sometimes it actually becomes a heavy burden for me. :slight_smile:

Well… If I had a choice I’d choose to be… Hmmmmmmmmmmmm… Such a decision can not be made in a hurry on Monday morning and require proper meditation… :slight_smile:

By the way, do you know the famous phase (and the ‘story’ itself): “I’d like to be Diogen, if I hadn’t been Alexander Makedonski.” :slight_smile:


I like to wear clothes with pockets, and I prefer to hang around with women who have pockets.

Some men have a stereotype of women as being forgetful, but for a long time I have thought that the appearance of forgetfulness is caused by the fact that most women’s clothes are designed without pockets.

For example, I knew a woman who was always losing her keys. Sometimes she’d even find them in the refrigerator! The reason was that she’d come home with arms full of groceries, and she’d put her keys in the nearest place, temporarily, while she put the groceries away. Later she would forget where the keys were, and she’d have to waste time searching. She would not have had this problem if her clothes had been designed with pockets, like men’s clothes are. The keys would have dropped right into a pocket.