A bulwark for the apostrophe

Here is a fun obituary you may find interesting.

John Richards, bulwark for the apostrophe against grammatical ‘barbarians,’ dies at 97

A retired British newspaperman, he founded the Apostrophe Protection Society to guard against the erosion of a humble yet essential element of the English language.

By Emily Langer


In the English language the apostrophe is almost equally important as any of the letters. Here is an example:



Thank you for your links. I read the article.

John Richards had lots of passion on his beliefs. As an English language learner, I appreciate what he did and respect the people like him.

I do see many misspellings and grammatical errors on the windows of stores in China and US. Sometimes, I am uncertain that they did it on purpose or carelessly. Not only English language but also Chinese language are undergoing the same situation.

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