A big hello from Vietnam

Hi everyone,

I ran into this forum last week when I was searching for English learning resources. And, frankly, I was astonished by a wide range of learning materials offered here.

I am writing to say hello to all members here and thank persons who run this website as a great educational tool. I first decided to join in the forum to prepare for the TOEFL I am about to take in December. However, after a few minutes of exploring the website, I think I will browse this website even after I do the test. Just to learn for its own sake!

Would you spare a second for me to introduce myself? My name is Tuan and I am from Vietnam. I am currently living in Ho Chi Minh City but my family has moved a lot before we settle down here. I once lived in Con Dao, an island which used to house prison camps in Vietnam wars but is now becoming a heaven attracting tourists. I also spent some of my childhood in Bao Loc, a town in the Central Highlands of Vietnam, as well as in Can Tho, the biggest city in the Mekong region. I think living in those places are good experiences for me to meet people with different ways of thinking.

As a new member, I hope I can share my learning with you all here and make this forum an interactive educational environment.

Best wishes,


Hello! Welcome on board! Hope you’ll enjoy this forum! Here you can practice and improve your English. Good luck with your exams!!