A big gap between SAT math and critical reading sections

I just took a Kaplan’s New SAT practice test and I scored 800 on math but 500 something on critical reading. I hope to do something humanitie in college, not boring science and math. I wonder what would colleges think if did that on the actual test, which seems most likely to happen?

I would do a bunch of Critical Reading passages, take it slow, and figure out what why certain answers are such.

You’ll be better at it gradually. Just remember, one wrong word, and the whole answer is wrong.

Also, don’t try to look for the right answer. Look for the wrong ones, and eliminate them.

Yea, I think my problem is that I don’t know enough vocabulary.

Or you can borrow a Barron’s How to Prepare for SAT I at your local library.

Very funny! that is if you can find it. It wasn’t the case for me. I borrowed the all new Barron’s book from my kind math teacher.
I’m not saying this too denounce anyone but isn’t downloading words to your TI calculator cheating–if you bring and use that calculator at the test center. If I had known this before, I would have done it myself. I’m certain I wouldn’t get caught. Yet looking up words would greatly slow me down. Anyways study as many words as you can from the list. Although I haven’t succeeded myself–I tried but gave up–I’m certain some “freaks” did. Good job you who have done so; how I envy you.