a, an or any?

Hi everyone!!!

Who can tell me the difference between the two sentences:

I have never been a member of any political party.
I have never been a member of a political party.

I was told the first one isn’t correct, is it true and why???


They’re both correct and mean the same thing, but the first seems to have more emphasis, though. It would be perfect for insisting that you have never belonged to one.

Hey Mordant!
I knew it was correct and hoped to see such an answer :)) Thanks!

So what does it mean when using a political party?

“I have been a member of a political party.”

I do not understand why they told you that first one is not correct, it just has different meaning, when we use “any” we have to put it into “negative” sentences.
I think they both are OK.

Of course neither is incorrect. The 1st might indicate that I’ve not attended any of political parties, while the 2nd indicates that I’ve not attended any SINGLE political party.


You really should restrict yourself to asking questions.

Your last post suggests that you have no idea what a ‘political party’ even is. If you’d like to find out, I would suggest using www.onelook.com.
[size=75]“The learned man knows that he is ignorant.” ~ Victor Hugo[/size]

You cannot attend a political party. You can join a party, be a card carrying member of one
You can attend a meeting (be in attendance, or present)
That said, both sentences above mean the exact same thing
And I don’t care for hair-splitting because it would only confuse students.

I found the idea of attending a political party amusing. lol

I believe Beeesneees is right.

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