(5) The qualities needed in a law maker

The qualities needed in a law maker (MP) are scarcely tested in today’s political campaigns, which call instead for showmanship, good looks, and [u]a certain eloquence while saying nothing.[/u]

What is the meaning of the underlined part?

How ever many mistakes have been made in out past, the tradition of Bangladesh, the champion not only of freedom but also of fair play, still lives among millions who can see light and hope scarcely anywhere else.

What is the meaning?

I think that it means a “successful” politician in any country (in a democracy or even in a dictatorship) is someone who has – as we say – the gift of gab. That is, she or he speaks eloquently (in a very effective manner that makes you think: Yes! Yes! What she or he is saying is very true). But after the speech, you realize that it was just a bunch of hot air. Very beautiful words that really mean nothing. You realize that his/her words were chosen so that they would not anger anyone. She or he just used the words that everyone can agree with: patriotism, love of family, honesty, kindness, etc. For example, some politicians can speak so eloquently about patriotism that you will be crying (not knowing that at the same time she or he is stealing the people’s money). Here in the United States, we say “That is just a bunch of bull.” (“Bull” is part of a word that I canNOT mention on a family-friendly website such as this!)