(258) Originally

Originally, most intellectual criticism of mass culture was ------- in character, being based on the assumption that the wider the appeal, the more -------- the product.
(A) unpredictable. .undesirable (B) ironic. .popular © extreme. .outlandish (D) frivolous. .superfluous (E) negative. .shoddy
Which one is answer and why?

Do you have a guess?

The answer is (E)(according to my book). But I don’t understand why?

In addition, What is the meaning of the “mass culture”?

My guess was also (E). I don’t think there’s any easy answer to “Why?”, except to examine the meanings of each of the words (looking up any you don’t know in the dictionary), and then determine which is the most likely or plausible combination.

“mass culture” means popular culture that is enjoyed by large numbers of ordinary people (“the masses”). In a narrower sense, “culture” could mean things like popular music, TV, films, books, newspapers, etc… In a wider sense it could include virtually all of a society’s activities and behaviours.