2015 Dr Collins PCAT Guide for sale (newest version) + 2015 Pearson Tests

I am so happy to be finished with the PCAT test. I was stressing for countless months trying to figure out the best material to review. I googled everything and finally came to the conclusion that these 3 resources are the absolute best review on the market.
I scored in the 94th percentile using only these 3 guides. I have 2 other friends that also used the same resources, and scored in the 95th and 91st percentile. So they definitely work.

2015 Dr Collins PCAT study guide with all new updates

  • Retails $400

2015 PCAT Destroyer

  • Retails $180

2015 Pearson Practice Tests (pearson tests)

  • Retails $200

I am selling them used, but they have no marks or writing, they’re practically new. I took all my notes on a notebook so you won’t find any markings at all. I paid nearly $800, and I’m only trying to recoup some of what I paid. They’re the absolute latest / newest edition for the 2015 PCAT.

Email me and lets make a deal!