2 - Job Blog (you need this to stay focused and organized)

Job hunting usually is a process that involves several phases and steps. To make your search more effective you should create and maintain a job blog - some type of log file that helps you keep track of all your job hunting activities. The following information can be recorded in your job blog:

  • date
  • activity (for example: registered with e-CVs.net, login/password or: sent email to ‘company’ requesting information about their trainee programme; continued work on my professional profile as part of my CV; received email from ‘company’ asking me to send them my CV; etc.)
  • additional information (terms, abbreviations and acronyms you come across as you read job advertisments and job descriptions; etc.)

So, your job blog is similar to a diary - a journal in which you organize and store your thoughts. Recording your daily activities will speed up your job hunting process as you can better see what progress you are making.[YSaerTTEW443543]

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