15 year old Regina and Luna her show jumping Cow

Udderly amazing!!
Thought I would just post this and
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When 15-year-old Regina Mayer asked her parents for a horse, she was denied, but the German teen wouldn’t give up her dream. Instead, she trained her family’s cow to jump like a horse. Seriously.

That’s right, this determined teen spent two years training her cow, Luna, to gallop and clear fences. While Luna is far from a thoroughbred, it’s still pretty impressive to see Regina ride the bovine like a horse.

“Horses run away from her, but she really likes them,” Regina says of Luna. “Some horses aren’t scare of her, and I often go out on a ride with them. She really enjoys that and is totally in her element.”

Regina still wants her own horse, but for now, Luna is the next best thing.
jsyk.com/2011/04/07/german-t … e-a-horse/

oh what an old hat. Exactly these pics had been shown in a magazin on TV last week. I wonder when anyone comes to saddle some schizophrenic chicks.

Well Michael - you live in Germany but most of us don’t know anything about the cream of Germanys Cow Boys and Girls :slight_smile: