11p.m. on a Freefall Friday

Dearest English-helpers,

I have a question about this sentence below in red:

“This is Guy Talk, where a guy can be a guy. [color=red]And it’s 11p.m. on a Freefall Friday, which means no topic and no rules. Give me a call at 1-555-GUY-TALK. I always have an opinion. It’s a guy thing.”

Above is the prolog of a radio show. I know the word “Freefall Friday” means uncontrollable decline of the stock market on Fridays.
But in here, does it stand for the same meaning? Or stand for just “Fridays”? Or stand for another meanings?

Would you be so kind to let be know the “correct meaning” here.

Can’t thank you more!!


Many thanks for your interesting question. I guess in the given context Freefall Friday simply means that the show is open to any type of discussion - callers can chill out so to say at the end of a long stressful working week.
What radio station is hosting the show you are referring to?[YSaerTTEW443543]

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The expression can come from military term - “Free - fall munition” . :slight_smile: