1, 5 years - One year and a half?

Dear teachers,

When I read 1,5 years, I say:

One year and a half.

Is is right?


Hello!. Yes, you?re right.

That?s absolutely fine.

But, you could say as well:

One and a half years.

Be careful about the two options.

1.- One/a YEAR and a half.

2.- One and a half YEARS.

The noun must go in plural in the second one,
but not in the first one.

I hope this helps. Let?s wait
what say the teachers, anyway.

Enjoy English!


Jes?s is right.

“One year and a half” is correct, but it is more common to say “[size=150]a[/size] year and a half


Dear teacher,

Can I say:

1.A year and one half.
2.One year and one half.

Is it correct?

Let’s put it this way, Quoc:

Either one of those phrases could possibly be used on rare occasions if the word one needs special clarification or emphasis for some reason.

It would be wrong to use them in normal, standard sentences.