Where is Conchita?

[size=200][color=orange]Conchita[/size] and [color=blue][size=200]Amy [/size]

You must know that …

[size=150][color=olive]You are the best moderators[/size]

With all regards to another moderators here


Well, Hercules, I would say that every moderator has got their own place here. And we should be thankful to all of them. Their selflessness goes beyond description, I think.

The word [color=red][size=150]Best[/size] is itself a bit too incomplete! Best at what? English? Responding fast to queries? Homour, maybe? I think your understanding / friendship is better with these two moderators than other moderators, and you are in closer contact with them than others…and that was what you tried to say here.


Google (google.co.uk):
59,400 for homour

ESL forum :slight_smile: :

© FangFang Hello, I am FangFang from China

© Torsten Im new, whats up guys

© FangFang Notetaking exercises

Maybe, this Sunday morning my sense of humour is still sleeping, but I’d like to ask it seriously - is there such a fresh new word as homour or it is just a new virus?

Wow … Tom

You proved that you are so clever.

This website has needed to some "great " analyzing to be perfect …
Now , and after your great intelligent analyzing , I think it became that … :lol: :lol:

" I think this thread is going to move to controversial topics soon " … :lol:

Thank you