Unless and bother

would anyone let me know what is the basic way of using unless and bother plz


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“Unless” is used to indicate a condition when one act will happen provided that another does not. Whatever follows “unless” is what can undo the action in the main clause.

Unless you get lost, you should arrive in two hours.
You should arrive in two hours provided that you do not get lost.

“Bother” has a few uses.

To go to unnecessary lengths to do something or to waste time doing something in vain

I started to appease her and mend our friendship, but she was such a nuisance that I figured I should not bother.

Do not bother calling me. I will not answer the phone.

I’ll bring you my shirt. Thanks. Don’t bother, though. I’ve found one that matches.

“Bother” also means to annoy or harass, pain or mentally burden

Stop bothering me, or I’ll tell your mother.
My stomach bothers me. - Kind of odd to me, but it is used this way in speech quite a bit.
His inability to find a job bothers him.

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