The grateful and the ungrateful

Sounds like a wise man. Do you remember his name?

I can’t remember it anymore. This was a long time ago.

I was just thinking the man in question could be the Swedish politician Olaf Palme. At least he said “Alla folks frihet, hela varldens fred” :slight_smile:

When my father was in England, beggars always came to him saying “A penny for a cup of tea” and my father told me he always said “I thought I’d given you” and normally the beggar will go away, scurrying. But one time he met a beggar who used to serve in Tanah Melayu (now Malaysia), they talked and the beggar found out that my father was Malay and he started reciting a pantun, the Malay poem.

Tinggi sungguh burung terbang, tinggi lagi harapan saya…

Literally, ‘The birds fly high, but my hopes are higher…’ :lol:

What a cute beggar!

My father thinks it was peculiar, because he only received 56 pound of scholarship per month at the time and the beggars received more from the government. Practically he was living below poverty line yet the beggars asked money from him.