Oh, excuse me I was just yawning. It’s the topic I’m introducing that made me do that. We have so many ways of expressing sleep and going to sleep. Here are a few of them - I hope you can keep awake while you’re reading about them:


Hi Dear Alan,
The people are divided in 3 groups in regard to SLEEP:
An early bird, a night owl and a cat-napper.
Have a nice & sweet dream,

I fell asleep while reading the newsletter!

Kidding! Indeed, yours newsletters are enjoyable!

I just relized that I’ve been using the word ‘snooze’ in contexts where I should be using ‘nap’! Really an interesting topic. Thank you :slight_smile:

Hi Allan, Your English essays are terrific. There are a lot of useful things to learn from them. This topic helped me with some words which I used to apply in the wrong way.How can you render the proverb:;‘The early bird catches the worm’.'Sweet dreams 'or ‘may all your dreams come true’. Victor

“There will be some bargains in the shops when the sales start tomorrow. I’m going to get there by the time it opens - the early bird catches the worm.”
(In other words, getting there early means I will have a better choice of the bargains… if I am late the better items will be gone)

“Sweet dreams” isn’t a proverb and is in common use exactly as it stands. It’s especially (though not exclusively) used with children.
“Goodnight Mummy.”
“Goodnight. Sweet dreams.”

“May all your dreams come true” is also not a proverb, and is used to wish someone gets what their heart desires. This may be said anytime, but often it would be at some special occasion… for example, an eighteenth birthday party or at graduation.

This topic was excellent and I enjyod the most from all the english lessons received over the last year. It is quite fascinating all the the expressions and varitations of words avaliable to use in english .I just have to remember to use the right formula for each ocassion , I call one of my dogs “pot leacker” and in hurry I said “lickpotter” so i will see what will come next…

Hi Alan,
It was an amazing essay about Sleep. It was pretty interesting.
Thanks a lot!

Cesar Lopez Petrovich.

Hi All,
The topic is interesting, I would like to know more about the insomnia and how to prevent and solve this problem.

Hello Hung,
Actually I would like to answer your question, but I doubt whether it is acceptable to answer your question in this thread, because from my point of view, it is talking about different terminologies or expressions of sleep. May be it is better if you post it to ESL Forum What do you want to talk about?, or Listening, speaking, pronunciation and accent training, or Speaking English for 20 seconds a day? under the tittle of ‘Insomnia: How to prevent and solve the problem’ and I will rejoin you. Am I correct? Please advice as necessary. Thanks. Lina

Thanks for choosing this great topic

Hi Alan,

…in the arms of Morpheus.

What is Morpheus?



You mean, “Who is Morpheus?” Lee.

In Mythology, he is the Greek God of Dreams.

I ve known more words due to your topic “Sleep”. Now I have a little shut eye ^^!

Dear Alan,

In America many people say : early Bird,catnnaper, night owl.As you know it depends of the differnts hours,that the people use to go to bed or wake up.


what are they different for? could you tell me, please?

Early bird - someone who prefers getting up early.
Night owl - someone who prefers staying up late.

Cat-nap - a short nap during the day.

Sleep is very important for human health. Since items belonging to consume daily activities of human cell is required its restoration. So sleep resets the body’s normal functioning. Working in the parameters is a prerequisite to good health.

Please listen to my recording and respond with a voice message too. Many thanks.

Hi, Besssneees
About “Who is Morpheus” You are great!