Should TOEFL candidates use a spell checker?


Hi Yasha, I use a spell checker all the time not because I’m lazy but because I want to make sure that any of the messages I post on the forum or any of my emails are at least free of typos and spelling errors. A spell checker is just another tool you use to accomplish a goal. You use a computer system to compose texts. Why not use a spell checker too? If you think a computer system or any tool makes you lazy, you might as well write all your texts long-hand.

A spell checker doesn’t write texts for you. It only suggests corrections if you make a typo. So you still need to do most of the work yourself.[YSaerTTEW443543]

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Hi Torsten,

Yes, you are right. I agree but I was referring to someone who wants to take the TOEFL test. I meant if a TOEFL taker get used to use a spell checker all the time, in the real TOEFL test he/she might not be confident.

It happened to me last year:
I had gotten used to use spell checkers all the time before I took the TOEFL test last year. In the real test I had not access to any sort of spell checker and I had doubts about the words I wrote. I thought all the spelling of the words I wrote might be incorrect.


hi i wrot an essay and would like someone to check it for me.
is this service available on your website and if yes, please tell me how.

thanks a lot for your time and attention.



Hello Ali,

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hello Mr Torsten,
i 'm Azoudiarra i prepare my TOEFL and i want to know the different stage of TOEFL.
i am waiting to heard you thank you !


What do you mean by different stage of TOEFL. If you can be more specific we cna help you better.


Hi Azoudiarra,

If you are referring to sections, then, you have the Reading, Listening, Speaking and the writing sections if you are taking the TOEFL IBT version of the TOEFL test.


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simply NO


Hi Alan,

I’m not a candidate to take the TOELF yet, but my point of view regarding using the spell check is that if it’s on line it helps one a great deal because sometimes we make typing mistakes. It’s not necessarily that we don’t know how to spell some words, we just make typographical errors. Of course other times if we used a word that we are not familiar with, then by all means we should used the spell check.

Now if the candidate is taking the test by writing in any school, he or she should be very well prepared to do so to get a good score.
I personally often used the spell check, and you probably won’t believe me, but in the past I used to be excellent at spelling. Now I’m trying to get back where I was.
I hope that my point of view is OK!
Good luck to all the candidates,



I wouldn’t say yes to such an idea! I understand that they will have a spell-checker in uni, but I really don’t believe that they should be so illiterate to make more then 5 typos per essay! If they do, it’s only reasonable that they get penalized!


No, it’s not important that you know how to spell every single word correctly because nowadays you can use a speech recognition app that converts your speech into text. You can then read the text and visually learn how the words are spelled correctly. It’s not important to know how a word is spelled. What really counts is that you are able to create texts that don’t have a single typo. If you achieve that goal with technology you have the proper approach in place. Do you know how every single component of your car or computer works? No. But you know how to use these tools and devices correctly.

Nowadays, it’s not enough to just be ‘literate’. You need be ‘technology literate’.

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Excelent post!


Great reply to the question of the post!


I use TPO everytime I practice for the independent essay. Just choose a topic and write it using TPO soft instead of Word.
If you use TPO because:(1) no spell checker (2) timer is included

Have anyone try Grammarly to check your essay? is it effective?


any one can help me for improving my essay?my writing is very bad. i got 10 score on exam :(( and readying