Native speakers wanted!


You’ll see my first recording posted at the end of the list here, under the name Scott Jack. I’ve sent a second to Torsten that should have less background noise that the first.

Please feel free to give your thoughts!


Hi Torsten,

I’ll send an MP3 in the next couple of days. I’m a native speaker and an ESL teacher at a major Australian university (I’m half British and spend time there also so I would say I have a pretty clear and easy-to-understand accent!).

When do you think you might start the project?

Sarah Norman.


hi all, i just sent my demo recording yesterday. im realy exited about this. but i registered with the site and i got an email asking what language I want to learn, ive done something wrong. any dab hands with advice for a newcomer would be welcome. hi torsten, i attached the mp3 to an email and sent it, is that what i need to do? are you stiil looking for native speakers?



I was inquiring as to whether you were still looking for Native English speakers. Thanks


Hi Vicky, sure we are always for native speakers to join our team. Where are you from and what do you do for a living?


Hello Torsten,

I am from California, and I’m currently a Chemistry student at Johns Hopkins University. I have dabbled a bit in voice work in the past, but it’s still relatively new to me. I would like to get better though; I have this microphone:
How would I apply for this?