You're very clever

Do it yourself


Woman: Well, the furniture sometimes needs fixing. Look at this cupboard door, for example. This needs fixing.
Man: It’s broken?
Woman: Yes, that’s right. It’s broken. So, it needs fixing.
Man: Oh, how are you going to fix it?
Woman: Well, most furniture is made of wood. This is wood, and to repair something made of wood, we have to do some carpentry.
Man: And you can do all these things, carpentry, electricity, plumbing. You’re very clever.
Woman: Well, yes I know a little about electrical repair, plumbing and carpentry, yes.
Man: No, you’re very clever.
Woman: Not really. I’m a bit of a electrician, a bit of a plumber, a bit of a carpenter.


You’re very clever.

What does “clever” exactly mean in this dialogue?

Which is correct:

  • smart
  • skilful

Thank you


I think it means ‘smart’, ‘skilful’, ‘talented’, ‘proficient’, ‘competent’, ‘capable’, etc.


Thank you so much, Torsten :rose: