Your view on Amway!

i heard of Amway from my classmate in these days!but i have no idea about it!i just know that it was established in 1959 in USA.many people i china said that the products of Amway are absolutely great!but i was confused that why Amway did not do some advertisements for their products in china?? you know i am a Chinese,so i do not know what’s behind it! Whether in some ways the Amway was forbidden by Chinese government?

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Hi neverland,

The Amway products are probably OK but I don’t think they are that much better than all the products you can buy in stores or on the Internet. People join Amway not for the products but for the money they get when they recruit other people as “distributors”. It’s called "multi-level marketing (mlm) or “network marketing”.

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Hello neverland.

nice to meet you in this forum.

I’m JaeHoon, you know, I’m a Korean(South)
I know “Amway”. In Korea, several decades ago, Amway sold its goods. Surely, Amway’s some goods may nice.
But first-appearance of “Amway” is not good in Korea.

Because, Amway use so-called “doorstep selling” , I think that “doorstep selling” means “nonstore marketing”.
Most Korean feel bad by “doorstep selling”, I think and I feel bad, too.
Especially, Most Korea want to “brand - name” and “brilliant shop”

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Hi JaeHoon,

I think Amway is more about recruiting than selling. People join Amway primarily not because they want to sell products from door to door. They sign up with Amway because they believe that Amway provides them with a vehicle to financial freedom. You can’t make much in Amway by retailing. Real money can only be made by recruiting.

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Amway is what is typically called a “pyramid scheme”. You can look this term up in the dictionary. Most pyramid schemes are illegal in the US, but Amway is not, because the company actually has products to sell. One problem is that Amway’s products are more expensive than equally good products that are available in an ordinary store. Another problem is that no Amway representative can make money unless he recruits more and more people to sell for him. Most people are not successful at recruiting anyone, and so they don’t make any money. Many people try to recruit their friends, the friends don’t want to be recruited, and often many good friendships are ruined because of Amway. Most Americans think of Amway as the business equivalent of a religious brainwashing cult.

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I read that a large portion of the income of successful Amway reps is generated not by selling Amway products but by selling personal development products to their “downline”. (This phenomena is called the “book flow”.) And it makes perfect sense: Amway attracts people who want to become finally free and don’t know how to establish their own business. They are shown the “Amway business plan” and start to believe that they actually can become rich by “building a huge downline”.

The person who recruits another person is called a “sponsor” and depending on how many people you recruit, you are assigned a rank just like in the army. I tried Amway myself and went to some of their seminars/conventions which was a great experience because I could see how the prospect of getting rich influences a person’s behaviour. Interestingly enough, the Amway concept seems to work very well with people who were raised in communist societies or in societies that largely based on family and clan structures. When I went to that convention I saw a lot of Russian born Amway reps who had sponsored several generations of their huge families into their downlines.

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The funniest experience I’ve ever had with Amway was when a Slovak passport officer on a train from Hungary looked at my passport, heard I could speak Czech, and then started his Amway rap on me. And like most East Europeans at the time, he proceeded as if I had never heard of Amway, even though I told him again and again that I’d heard the shtick many times and was not interested. East Europeans newly converted to the Jehovah’s Witnesses also assumed I’d never heard of the religion and were shocked to see that I had all the counter-arguments. After a while, when any of them saw me walking along the sidewalk toward them, they crossed the street!

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Hi Danny,
I noticed an advertisement page about Amway Nutrilite ® 纽崔莱 on du shi kuai bao yesterday.


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Can you join my downline!!!


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hey, I have heard of amway business plan in CoinPedia article
. Have you tried it ? or does anyone know about it ?
Since amway is a trusted product I’m sure its business plan would also be relaible.
Ways to Make Money with Amway

  1. Retail Margin – The IBO can buy the products at the ‘Special IBO’ price and sell at their determined price. The difference is called the Retail Margin which is held back by the IBO.

  2. Bonuses – Each product sold will incur performance points. The IBO’s points and the consecutive downline IBO’s points within the team are accumulated to earn Bonuses.

But how to register for IBO ?
Help me find out about this !

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Hi, to register as an Amway Independent Business Owner you need to be a resident of the United States, Canada or the Dominican Republic. Do you currently live in any of these three countries?

Wikipedia has a lengthy article on Amway.

In 2019 there was a TV show called “ On Becoming a God in Central Florida” about an Amway-like multi-level marketing (MLM) company. The fictional show described the MLM company as promoting a religious like cult behavior to keep the lower level distributors involved and paying money to support the system. Yes, the show was fiction, but…

Frankly, from the wording of your comment above, which was obviously copied from sales material, it sounds like you are an Amway distributor looking to profit from signing up new distributors.

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