Your Favorite Food

What’s your favorite food?

Some of my favourite dishes are from the Lebanese (or Middle Eastern) cooking, like:

  • Baba Ghannouj (a dip made of aubergines and tahine – sesame paste)
  • Mloukhie (a special green vegetable)
  • Tabbouleh (a parsley and burghul salad)

and from the Swiss cuisine, like:

cheese fondue (fondue au fromage) and raclette.
Bon app?tit!

From Britain, I love porridge (delicious with cream) and the Scottish shortbread, to name but a few. Also, British / American cakes and pies are just fabulous.

I could go on indefinitely, but let me just add that German bread is out of this world (they have hundreds of different kinds, if I remember right).

I ate at an Indonesian restaurant a long time ago and don’t remember what I had, only that it was similar to Chinese cooking (or so I thought) and that I quite liked it.