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in this post I love share with you to know history your cities.
I’m sure ,everybody here, think your city is the best city in the world, and that give him thing of happiness.
I’m interesting to know more information about your cities.
let me the first person who’s tell you about my favorite city Damascus:

[color=red]History Damascus

[color=orange]Damascus and Jews :

The Damascus Jews merged, just like other Arab Jews, in the Arab life, meriting all rights, enjoyed by Arab citizens, a unique matter was not available elsewhere the Jews in the Damascus felt that they are a part of the local society, while preserving their religious freedom
It is remarked that most Jewish families in Damascus are of Arab origin. What are left originate in Ottoman cities and areas, or else were named after crafts.

[color=orange]Damascus and Christianity:

Virgin Mary’s Cathedral:
It was built in the 2nd century A.C. It is considered the oldest church in Damascus. Perhaps the old church had been wrecked and a newer one built on its place.

Bab-Kissan’s church:
One of Damascus eastern wall’s doors. the French built a church there in 1934
Saint Georgeus’s sanctuary:
This sanctuary is located across Bab-kisan. The sanctuary is surrounded by graves of early Christians. The Roman Othodox’s graveyard is located there now.

[color=orange]Damascus and Islam:

Damascus still till now from islamic capitals are very important in the world,and has a lot things which prove The Omayyad Mosque and Roukiyyah Mosque and Al-Adiliyah School and Al-Zahiriyah School.

These some photos to my city :wink:

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Your city is great!

Hmm… I can’t say what is my (most) favorite city… I actually love more than one. By different loves. :slight_smile:

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these some another photos to my great City.

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yes ,my friend these photos took from places public (you are right) and maybe if you come to my city you will see beautiful places than these photos…
you are always welcome in your city Damascus :wink:

Hi, friends!

today I want to talk on gates of damascus
there seven doors to old damascus and they:

The Eastern Gate (Bab Sharki)[color=white]___________________

It was named according to its location in the east side of the city, it has three carved arcs. The Muslim Warrior “Khaled Ben al-Waleed” entered Damascus through this gate in the Rashedi Era.

Peace Gate (Bab Al-Salam) [color=white]_____________

Thomas Gate (Bab Tooma) [color=white]___________________

It is locacted in the north of Damascus. It was named after a famous Old Roman Leader, his name is Thomas.

The Paradise Gate (Bab Al-Faradees / Bab Al-Amara) [color=white]___________________

One of the northern gates; it was named the paradise gate in the Roman age because there were plenty of water and gardens which used to surround the gate. The other name , Bab Al Amara, refers to a name of a famous building where people used to meet in the 14th century.

The Small Gate (Bab Al-Sgheer) [color=white]___________________

It is located in the southern side of the city. It had this name because it was the smallest gate. A graveyard was erected near this gate; it holds some graves of Companions of the Prophet Mohammad (PBUH), and some Umayyad caliphs.

Al-Faraj Gate (Al-Manakhliah) [color=white]___________________

It is situated in the northern side of the city. It consists of a geminate gate which had two functions; the first was economic and the second was to mislead the enemies attacking the city.

Al-Jabieh Gate[color=white]___________________

It is situated in the west of the city along the same line of the eastern gate, and they both have a similar design. It has this name because residents of the Jabieh village used to pass through this gate.

The Victory Gate (Bab Al-Nasr) [color=white]___________________

It is at the beginning of souk Al-Hamideya, and was destroyed

to be continues… :o


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Hi Mba!

I love your pictures. And generally like this kind of architecture and the ancient highly-skilled culture(s) of such use of natural stones (of different colours).

sami, OK. Probably, I’m just a ittle bit more lucky this time (as I can still see and enjoy all the photos. :)).

Excellent photos! Your knowledge of Damascus history is really great and detailed in some aspects, Mba! Well done! :wink:

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yes Pamela! my city is very great …Like your city (I guess)
in my city a lot of interesting things and you should visit it to see all these great things…

Tamara and Pamela

welcome in my city Damascus :slight_smile:

today I want to tell you about Damascus’s nature

Damascus where in between the mountains and it has a huge agro ground in east and west .
there you will find in these grounds, the tree and vegetable and fruits and a lot of animals

in the winter the top mountains are white because of the snow ,
and in these mountains there are a beautiful lakes, Like Barada Lake and Zarzar lake

really, I love my city Damascus :smiley: :smiley: :smiley:


Hi Mba,

Thanks for the pics. Your city looks beautiful and I can fully understand why you are proud of it.


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