Your direction will be very useful

Hi Alan, Torsten!

I am very sorry if you see my suggestion inappropriate. I am just a new member of your forum and there are a lot of things I don’t know about you.

I am preparing for an IELTS examination and I’ve found that this forum is quite useful for me. Happily, I’m having assessment of Mr. Alan to my essays. But one thing what confuses new comers like me is we don’t know how to walk around the forum, or which places we must visit.

It will be very useful, I think, if you post a directive topic, and give different approaches for different levels of learners. (Where are useful topics for each level, which order learners can follow, places of material…). May be, active communicators can help you do this work?

There is one thing more. Can you give us marks for our essays? It will be very valuable for us.

Thank you in advance

Hi Lam Giang,

Thanks for joining our community. Could you please tell me what exactly you want to know? As for marking your essays, I think it’s best if you read Alan’s comments and practise your English by taking his tests and study the materials he has created. You can also ask specific questions here on the forum.

Speak to you soon,

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I would not like to get into the area of awarding marks -that’s not really the purpose of any of the forums and we wouldn’t like to be involved in evaluating a contributor’s piece of writing apart from making general remarks about what we consider the quality to be. The main object is to correct/advise/recommend. I think that really is sufficient.


Sorry, Mr. Alan. I, perhaps, was too greedy.

Thank you for your comments. I’ll follow them.
I posted this topic because I think athough there are a lot of people visit the forum, but they can be divided to some catergories by level of English and people in each category have the same interest to the forum. For example, a beginer wants to know where he must to learn, and where he’ll go after that, etc. In my opinion, it will be very useful if you have a topic, like a site map, which gives directions for learners how to go through the forum.
It will save your time and keep you away stupid questions like my ones.