Young people should try different kinds of job before they decide which job or ca

In present-day society, deciding which job or career to take id a significant choice for everyone as always, especially for young people, as a decent job brings about a great fortune, happiness and power. While life-time employment, one of the main characteristics of Japanese corporate governance, is widely appreciated these days, I believe young people should try different kinds of job before they make the final decision of which job or career to take in long term.

To start with, before young people make a decision about their career, they need to try different kinds of job to find out the answers to many questions. For example, what kind of job do you like? Dose the field of the job cater to your major in college? Which position stimulates the maximum potential of you? And so forth. These are some of the primary factors that influence one’s decision of job. Any decision made before all of these question marks are filled is too rush and hasty, which probably seriously impact the performance of your work. As we can imagine, if one soon loses interest on his job that he intended to do in long term, he will not be able to concentrate on his work any more, not to mention the desire to do better, and thus what he is doing will all be a waste of time to both sides, the company and himself.

Another reason that I think cannot be ignored is that young people should learn more in practice before they get their job settled, and practice comes from experience of doing different kinds of job. In some Asian areas, most students in college lack the experience of actual practice because they have other things, such as to achieve excellent academic grades, occupying almost all of their energy and time on campus. Only through taking a certain number of jobs will the students who just graduated from college be able to gain sufficient experience and enhance necessary skills, which is indispensible for their better performance on their future career. Also, it is beneficial and far-reaching for the whole society that young people learn to weave together the theory and practice before they utilize social resources to make a contribution.

The third reason that is of great importance is that trying different jobs will definitely broaden young people’s view. Because it is an effective way to meet various kinds of people, including the colleagues, the boss, clients and experts from the specific or related fields, and to teach the young how to get along with others, despite of their diverse characters, status and specialty backgrounds. Through such process, young people gain knowledge and common sense at work and promote their communication skills. Finally, it has greater possibility that the young master in dealing with different types of problems that they are to meet at work.

To sum up, due to what has been mentioned above, we can safely reach the conclusion that young people should try different kinds of job before they decide which job or career they will do in long term.

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