young people should try different job before they decide which job or career they

young people should try different job before they decide which job or career they will do in the long term

Nowadays, more and more students have graduated from universities. The competition with finding jobs has become a social problem in every country. What job would I really want? That is a big issue to every graduate. Some people may think about trying different jobs to find what they like to do. However, in my view, it is not the best way for young people to try different jobs before they decide which career they would do in the long term.

Firstly, I think many jobs people or students do are not relevant to their future, they are only there for them to make some pocket money. Also, not many people would be able to find a job which they are interested in, after trying a lot of them. Why haven’t they been successful? I think those people haven’t understood the meaning of an ideal job. What the expression will be showed when people get an ideal job? I just have some ideas about it. They are the job you are interested in, the field you are good at and the salary you expect to earn. For example, my sister who has graduated from university for about 5 years is now being a teacher which is her ideal job. During these 5 years she never changed her job and even had no work experience when she was a student. How could she be successful? The most important thing is that she knows the meaning about ideal job clearly. Her major course was education in university, and also she is interested in teaching with her carefulness and warm heart. When she graduated, her aim was so clear that she got a teaching job immediately. Then after her hard work, she was raised as a class teacher and has been paid much better than before. So if you are clear about what is ideal job, you will be successful in your job.
Secondly, spending much time on trying various jobs, people will miss the opportunity to do their ideal job. Just like Jane who worked at my parents’ company. It was nice of Jane that she worked very hard and expressed excellently. My parents’ all appreciated her and decided to promote her with a high salary. However, Jane left the company at that time because she wanted to try other job. It is a shame that Jane missed the chance. Now, she has tried a lot of jobs but she has not decided which one to take for the long term yet. Even now she is looking for new job.

All in all, I don’t think trying different job is able to help people find a right job which they want to do the long term. So if you haven’t decided what job you want to do, try best to make sure with yourself and then you may find an ideal job soon instead of wasting time and energy on trying them.

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