Young people should be encouraged to pursue long-term, realistic goals rather tha

The claim that young people should be encouraged to pursue long-term, realistic goals rather than seek immediate fame and recognition confirms the significance of role of long-term pursuit, however, it misleads people more than helps them.
Of course long-term pursuit or rather long-term plan plays an important role in one’s entire life as a whole. It brings us gradually the capability of planning, arranging and coordinating many big things in our lives, and makes us lead more smoothly and effortlessly to our goal. Bill Gates’ dropping out of college once made his peers and friends stunning and feel he must be crazy. But now, I think there is no one thinking so and we cannot deny the fact that his success come from his long-term vision, timing and planning more than just enthusiastic frenzy decision or mere luck.
However, the above is always not a generic routine of most successful persons. Paying a close heed we may notice that around us in reality there are many elites who care for every steps they take and spare no efforts on every seemingly trivial goal, and thus led themselves to such status. Every single goal may means little for them and even sometimes appears to be counter to long-term pursuit; nevertheless, qualitative change consists of a large number of quantitative changes, which really make one tenacious, persistent, self-denying, smart, mature and strong. Taking myself for example, I am always hopping to study abroad for advanced learning, but I never spend much time to plan my life abroad because I know the apparent focus should be the GRE exam only through which I can get the recognition. If I plunge into the endless day-dreaming of what I will do in the distant future, my English level will never be reinforced. But if I hand in there and unluckily fail the exam, the process still benefit for all my life.
Another shortcoming is that neglecting immediate fame and recognition may lead you miss a lot of opportunities among which may include some crucial for your whole life. Collection of many immediate fame and recognition constitutes the foundation of the evidence of your worth, at least partially. One of my most self-denying and industrious college peers is a computer-animal, which is entirely incongruous with his major. I urged him countless times to transform his major only through which he was permitted to engaged in programming contents and he didn’t give me a fig. My suggestion was eventually proved true when he was denied by many companies for his major, lack of proof in his ability. Although he is working in a big software corporation, He has had chance to avoid many detours.
In sum, if you are an ordinary person of ordinary capability of planning and perseverance. I recommend you not to neglect every fame and recognition in your life, you will benefit from all these sum profoundly.

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Hi, I am not a teacher, but as a native English speaker I would be happy to comment on your essay. I think you have done a wonderful job. You have a great command of the English language, although there were a few phrases which sounded a little awkward. I have also corrected a few grammatical errors.