You, wife-me, popstar

That is a text I have to read at my phonetic examination…and I thought you’d like because it’s a funny one! It`s rather unususal…well, read it I you’ll understand everything))

You, wife-me, popstar

I’ve lately been contemplating the up and down life of a just “pop man”. I do not mean Elvis, Tom or Englebert, who don’t sing opera, just pop. I mean me and all the other victims of “just pop the kettle on”, “just pop unpstaris”, “just pop down to the bread shop” and the other “just pop” tricks.

“Just pop” is closely related to the “while you’re on your feet” trap and “Before you sit down” and should always be viewed with extreme caution. Wives, mothers, indeed the whole of the female species are great users of it.

I’ve been “just popping” ever since I was a lad, and my marriage has been popping along for years, with me the pop star. Here a pop, there a pop, everywhere a pop-pop.

The very words “just pop” are designed, of course, to diminish any task in the eyes or rather ears of all right-thinking people, thus making protest impossible, or at the least churlish. This is the first law of “just pop”.

The second law is tht the tone of voice accompanying the request is also pitched a semi-octave lower, a low murmur in fact, and delievered in a throw-away, depricating manner to fool the “poppee” into further complacency about the task before him. In this way he can finish no end of dreary jobs.

Errands and tasks that started out with a smile and a casual “just pop” have involved me in miles of walking, hours of toil and intold expense, of which I, the naive “poppee” had no hint.

Only the other day I was jolted to hear the words slipping easily off the lips of one small daughter. “If you’re going out, daddy, would you just pop into the libary and get me a couple of books on Paris? We’re doing a project.” The library was a mile out of my way and books on Paris in the geographical section were like needles in a haystack…

Did you get it right???

[color=blue]Quite impressive Jay I must say I didn’t understand much of it, besides, is there a chance that you can sum it up for me pls?

Oh, rich))) I couldnt help smiling while reading your message)) Well, I'll try and do my best to give you the main idea... Well, as you see theres a phrase “just pop”. It isn’t connected to popular music, but it just means to do something!
pop down- drop in somwhere…for example.
And the joke of this text is that the author of the ext is a “pop star”. He doesn’t sing, but he is always to do something (to pop!) Did you get it now?

hehehe, how come i know this “just pop” very well ?? :smiley:

HEY!!! Is that really possible??? I just can’t believe it…Is there anything I know but you don’t know??? ))) Unbelievable…)))

No no :slight_smile:
This time you got me wrong. I didn’t know the text you paste here :slight_smile: I just know the idea of “just pop” very well :slight_smile:

Check out my new post here. I think you’ll like it very much. Maybe you already know this?? :wink: