You people are becoming too good!

It gladdens me to see the improvement in the work of so many of our students.
I am well aware of the dedication and effort that is required to master another language. It is so nice to receive your favourable comments to my editing, and even more pleasing the way that many accept my rebukes without disappearing from the Forum, instead fighting back with even better work than previously. My rebukes are obviously not harsh enough. :-))

Thank you all for making my time spent here a real pleasure. I’m proud of every one of you.


TOEFL listening lectures: A lecture in biology class

And thank you Ktios, too.
Your advice helps a lot.
We will keep reading and writing.
Thank you, Kitos.

Thank you, Kitos.
We keep moving because we understand that your rebukes are just to help us. Therefore, instead of disappearing from the forum, we try our best to write better essays.
Again, thank you Kitos.

Dear Mr. Kitos,
Thanks a lot for all your effort to help us improve our writing skill as well as make this forum better and better.

Best :slight_smile:

Yes, of course, your rebukes seem not harsh enough to beat me out^^. I know what I am doing, and I know what you have done for us. Thank you very much, Sir…!

Dear, Kitos

What rebukes are you talking? I think they are triffle in compare with my numerous questions starting with “why?”, “what the difference?’” and “how?” :slight_smile:
You are very helpful, kind and patient. I would like to add more nice adjectives, but my present level doesn’t allow me yet :slight_smile:


rebukes: Please do not post multiple essays in a while…kind of…I’m tired to warn you …Is that right, sir? HAHA. Funny!

if we write better than before, it’s just because of your great help

When I first registered in this forum, I thought I would have my essays corrected and that’s all.
Now, I think that I will do my best to satisfy my dedicated teacher, Kitos. Your comments are the most meaningful to me. What are your rebukes? Are they: “I have no doubt that you will excel in all that you do”? Do you know that before entering this forum I was the worst essay writer in my class? :slight_smile: I have been writing a lot recently because I think you will enjoy reading my essays and seeing my improvement. I’ll make you proud of me.
Thank you very much for everything, Sir!