You have to see this! This is the greatest failure!

Hi, you must check this out: Go to Google and look for the word failure. See which page comes out on top?

Let me know what you think?

Hi Franku

Opps :shock: a white house pops into my sight.
In that house,a man called George W. Bush is trying
to make his policy fit with his country but fails to remove
the “white house” from the top of google. :lol:

Hello everybody!

This case was explained by Marissa Mayer, Director of Consumer Web Products:

And the same thing with David Irving: Google’s results for this query (like this - David Irving), you’ll get something like this:

Emphasized words never appear on David Irving’s site - neither in displayable content, nor in metacontent, scripts and hidden blocks. Possibly Google just generates a brief site description from the links pointing to the site (Link description). Or maybe not, who knows…