You have to log in vs. you'll have to log in

Hi, I have read the following message on a website:

The username or the password you entered are invalid.
Please re-enter your login information.

Why does it say you’ll have to log in. Why not you have to log in.

Thanks in advance.

Hi Andreana,

An interesting question - I can always rely on receiving a good question from you. If it said: You have to log in, that would mean as a general rule as a matter of fact as in: If you have a television set, you have to hold a licence. To continue with this idea, imagine you are with someone who has bought a tv for the first time. You would say: You’ll have to buy a tv licence. This means in effect: You’re going to have to buy a tv licence.It’s the same idea with your sentence:You’ll have to log in - now you’re going to have to log in.


Hi Alan, this is a very good learning method, sometimes I come across of something and when I get an immediate explanation, I can memorize it. Your explanation makes very good sense and now I know the difference between both constructions. At university it would have taken me months… :slight_smile: Thank you!