You eliminate BOTH company and sector risk V You eliminate EITHER co. and ...


I must say that it’s not very clear to me the difference between the forms “either… and”, and “both… and”. For instance, in a phrase like “You eliminate BOTH company and sector risk.”, what would the difference be if I said “You eliminate EITHER company and sector risk.”? Do we eliminate ONE sort of risk only, in the last case, while in the first we eliminate BOTH of them? Is that the difference? I guess so.

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That is the difference, yes. However, correctly written your second sentence should be
You eliminate either company OR sector risk.
‘And’ is not correct there.

‘both … and’ / ‘either … or’

The two forms are - both … and suggesting the two together and either …or suggesting a choice of two alternatives.

On this menu you have either chips or peas (one or the other). On this menu you can have both chips and peas (the two together).

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