Yesterday when I went out of home...

Hi teachers,

Yesterday when I went out of my home and started walking along the road, I saw a lot of happy and sad faces. It caused me to stand still, staring at those faces. After a moment, I approached towards them but they turned away. Later, I was told by someone that today the F.A. result was declared. Those who worked hard were looking glad and those who squandered their time was looking gloom. Please correct it.

Too many phrases which make the entire thing sound unnatural.

Yesterday while I was walking down the road I saw a real mixture of happy and sad faces, which made me stop and wonder, though none of the people spoke to me when I approached them. Later someone told me that the F.A. result had been declared. Those who’d worked hard were happy and those who’d squandered their time looked gloomy.

What does F A stand for?

Thank you, BN.
“Faculty of Arts”

In that case, it should be ‘results’.

Thank you, BN.