"Yes" as well as "I do"

Question: Do you drink a lot of tea with sugar?

Answer: Yes, I do.

Could you please explain: Why you use “Yes” as well as “I do” .

Yes meaning is Yes
I do means what? : I think that is also Yes: Is that correct or you have another meaning?

Yes, I do. Is a short answer. It would be like saying, Yes, I do drink alot of tea with sugar.

I’m no expect, but the “I do” part doesnt really mean anything. You could just say “Yes” and it wouldnt really matter. It’s like you confirm that you do or something. Maybe someone can correct me.

That is right, “I do” does not really add any meaning to “yes”. It may be added for:

-Emphasis: you could add it if you think your answer will be very surprising to the other, or if you yourself are very surprised at both the question and the fact that your answer is positive.

-Politeness: a short answer (one word) is sometimes considered not very polite, because it is too easy to do; the same reason why parents used to teach their childred to say “yes, sir” or “yes, madam” instead of just “yes”.

-No reason at all, just for variation or whatever.

Yes, I agree :slight_smile:

For me drink is replaced by do to avoid repeating the verb. Hence, “I do” portion is short for “I drink…”, it shouldn’t be understood that “I do” means “I do drink…”.

Am I correct ?

If you mean: “I do” does not stand here for “I do drink” but for “I drink”, so that it does not give any extra emphasis: you are right. It is used to avoid repetition.

However, this only applies to an answer that has “I do” only, without “yes”. When “I do” is added to “yes”, it may (or may not) indicate extra emphasis as described above.

It sounds quite logical.

To put it simply, if I am answering someone with ‘Yes, I do’, I imply no emphasis…it is just as saying ‘Yes, I drink’.

However, if I say ‘I do drink coffee’ without someone asking me a question, it would mean I am implying an emphasis.

Friends, please see if I am interpreting it the correct way.

Yes, you do (Yes, you are interpreting it the correct way).

Enough is enough. What do you mean please.

Please get there – Enough is enough.

Could we drop ‘are’ this way?

No, we cannot, and I should not have done it either.
Happy now?

You are cheating. I mean, I should not say – you cheating :wink:

No, I am not cheating because I am not playing. But I am not infallible. I make mistakes, and who does not. Why should I not be allowed to correct them?
I appreciate your attention to my posts, though.
Where are you from? Earth is big and I kind of figured that you are not from Klingon Empire. You do not have to answer if you do not want to. It is just idle curiosity on my part.

I should appreciate yours too.

I am repeating myself – I live where it all started – with zero :slight_smile:

I agree, and it fits perfectly within the answer I gave above. This interpretation would fall under my category “no reason”.

But this sentence falls under my category – “can’t interpret the meaning”? :wink:

I mean, could you please explain what does that mean?