Yellow to the point where you can't say hello

OK, I must admit I like Nelly Furtado very much. She is really cool :slight_smile:
Anyway, there is this line in one of her songs ‘On the radio - remember the days’:
“Your face, the colours change from green to yellow
To the point where you can’t even say hello.”

Now, what is the connection between being yellow in the face and not being able to say hello?

Thank you as ever.

Hi Andreana,

So you are a Nelly Furtado fan. Very good. The phrase you are referring to is an interesting pun: First the person’s face is green, probably they are angry. Then their face changes to yellow to the point where they even can’t speak. To be yellow means to be a coward so Nelly is saying that the person first is angry and then becomes afraid.
For more colour idioms please read Alan’s story here:[YSaerTTEW443543]

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Yes I read the story with the color idioms. So does this mean that if you have a yellow streak you are a coward?

That’s exactly right.[YSaerTTEW443543]

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